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Databases on Systems and Control

    "IFAC Control Archives" - Information and links related to:
       - Animated Control Systems Tutorials,
       - Control Education Web sites,
       - Control Engineering Textbook Titles,
       - Control Systems Applications,
       - Control Theory - Timeline Data,
       - History of Control - Timeline Data,
       - Web-based Control Experiments
       are provided
    Virtual Control Engineering Library
    Control Theory and Engineering Links
    Netlib - collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases
    Cybernetics and Systems Theory - resources related to cybernetics and systems science.
    Control Engineering Online - information related to control, instrumentation, and automation systems.
    Worldwide Robotic Resources (University of Massachusetts, Amherst.)
    Prof. E.Sontag's Site
    Sensors Web Portal
    Russian Forum of MATLAB Users (in Russian)
    "Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Systems, and Soft Computing" - the site of Russian Association of Fuzzy Systems (in Russian)
    List of Resources on Automated Control Systems (in Russian)
    "Industrial Automation in Russia" (in Russian)
    Site of users of CAD-systems in ex-USSR
    Portal "Non-Destructive Testing in Russia" (in Russian)
    Principia Cybernetica Web.
    The Alan Turing Home Page.
    Cybernetics projects, Physics, and High Voltage.
    Information portal for developers of embedded systems.
    Control Engineering-Related Educational Sites. Source: Georgia Tech.
    Internet Resources for the Use of Matlab. Source: California State University Fullerton.

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