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Educational Sites on Systems and Control

    IFAC Technical committee on Control Education (EDCOM)
    IEEE/CSS Technical Committee on Control Education
    Control System Design - book on automatic control theory and online-laboratory (Newcastle, Australia)
    Control Tutorials for Matlab (Univ. Carnegie-Mellon, USA)
    Bochum University Virtual Control Lab.
    Signals, Systems and Control Tutorial - Johns Hopkins Univ., USA
    Macintosh Software for Demonstrating Complex Adaptive Systems
    IEEE Control Systems Society: Teachware for CACSD
    TEAM (Tele-Education in Aerospace and Mechatronics) - A distributed tele-laboratory
    Education Index: An annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web
    A brief list of control history related resources
    Exponenta.ru - the site for users of mathematical software (in Russian)
    Lessons on control systems. - Click on "Index of Topics" and select a topic of interest. Source: Bucknell University
    Root Locus Analysis of Control Systems. - Index of notes relating to control: Click on a topic for detailed notes. Source: RoyMech
    Advanced process control - Source: Newcastle University
    Feedback and Temperature Control - Source: University of Exeter
    FlightGear Autopilot: Theory, Configuration, and Tuning - Source: FlightGear.org
    Using a PID-based Technique For Competitive Odometry and Dead-Reckoning - Source: G.W. Lucas
    Introduction to Signals and Systems course material - Source: Stanford University
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